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Sight Design is a creative firm focused on building positive technology. We make websites, apps, art, clothes and more. We are designing the future with equality, equity and sustainability in mind.
Sight Software is a software development group. We build conventional applications and online stores. We also create decentralized infrastructure for the next generation of web technologies to power a better Internet.
The Sight team is a network of creative individuals working together to make the world a better place. We are not a conventional organization, but instead grow with each person who wants to work toward our shared mission of making the world brighter.
We believe a happier world is one with more music. Sight Sound is a music label based in Brooklyn, NY. Our label produces a variety of modern and experimental music. We seek to support innovative artists in creating unique projects.
How do we build a better world? We beilieve through incentive alignment and radical restructuring of the global economy we can achieve an equitable, sustainable and happy international society. Read more at Sight Garden.
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Latest projects

Mai/son maisonmtl.orgClient Aug 2020
GHIA drinkghia.comClient Aug 2020
Aila meetaila.comClient Aug 2020
STYLFNDR stylfndr.comClient July 2020
Pair Eyewear paireyewear.comClient April 2020
Sunshine sunshine.foundationMarch 2020
Web Art web--art.comJan 2020
Arje arje.comClient Nov 2019
Sight is an organization designing reality. We believe humanity has been given the world to make a better place for all. Sight makes technology, art, design and music.
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